Applicable Markets


Cream jars, powder containers, perfume...

Cosmetics is one of the most image conscious areas of the packaging industry. The packaging of cosmetics is almost as important as the products inside and shelf appeal is critical in this competitive marketplace. This high-end packaging is a lucrative sector for the industry and often involves utilising the latest technologies, materials and inks to create the next cutting-edge design.

source: Pira-International: The Future of Cosmetics Packaging to 2011


Kitchen accessories and gadgets. Food and non food storage, bottles, spice racks, coffee mugs...

Distinctive, easy to use home-wares storage containers, ideal for both food and non food products. In and out of the refrigerator. A popular new category is the on-the-go containers that enable a safe way to protect and transport your favourite edibles! Air tight and water tight. Keeps food fresh for longer.


Product branding and strengthening
Ideal for launching new products, innovative marketing strategies, “wow” factor. Unique, fun way to bring a new product to market.

Packaging and its design has come to play an increasingly prominent role in the branding exercise as the scope and extent of branding has grown; it is no longer merely concerned with the need to contain and protect a product. Packaging has become more sophisticated as a result and today plays a key part in the brand communication process; for many product groups, packaging has become a fundamental element of the brand statement, if not the defining one.



Car care product packaging, oil and water closures, and fuel caps are ideal for utilising the technology while adding a fun factor for the enthusiasts.


Laboratory equipment

Ideal for laboratories and challenging environments. Storage and waste canisters, bottles, dishes...

We are able to design a wide variety of caps for all your packaging needs. Metal, plastic, lined or unlined caps. Caps help keep your containers sealed and can prevent leakage. The added single handed function can be a beneficial advantage, enabling the users to open with one hand and drop it on the container to simply close.>>> more info


Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pill bottle and organisers...

Pill bottles and organisers..

As the population ages, pharmaceutical companies are seeking simple and easy to open solutions for those who need it most.

Maglid Technologies can offer cheap and easy options with our without child proof features.


Gadgets and novelty industry
Gifts, promotional items, keepsakes...

Lifestyle products, gifts and gadgets.

Maglid technologies can give both a "wow" and "fun" factor to the products that need to stand out and make a statement.


General Packaging
Food, beverage, military, civil...

Trying to get your product noticed? Want customers to pick your products over others? Why not make it irresistible to ignore.

Incentivise re-use by adding a fun, easy to open and close feature to your packaging.