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Product Design
Product Design and Implementation

Our experienced product design and engineering team is available to assist in conceptualising and designing new ideas for our clients. With a combination of art, science and technology we assist in bringing products with artistic form, usability and advanced functionality to market.

We can assist in all phases of the process from idea generation, concept design, development and manufacturing.

Describe your anticipated product with your "Wish list" and "must have" functions and features. Let us know if you have tooling restrictions or existing parts or components that need to be reused, any standards that need to be respected and then let us work our magic.

Typically the design process works in the following way:

1. Idea generation - realising the concept

2. Concept design - 3d renderings for visual purposes

3. Concept Development - Refinement of the design and 3D CAD files

4. Design development - 3D prototypes and manufacture ready 3D models


Technology Implementation
Technology implementation on already existing products

Our engineering team can help propel your pre-existing products to new heights by providing simple implementation solutions. Offering your products a fresh innovative step forward, with greatly improved functionality in a fun and natural way.

Inexpensive implementation destined to yield immense results.


Product Design and Implementation

Clients wanting to incorporate the Maglid patented technology onto their own products will be able to do so through Licensing & Royalty agreements with Maglid Technologies Holdings Limited. The Licensing agreements grant the Licensee the right to implement the technology onto their products in return for a Royalty fee paid to the Licensor. Royalty rates will be negotiated on a case by case basis but will be primarily dependent on the client’s industry, the client’s market share and the client’s requirements for an exclusive or non-exclusive Licensing agreement. Licensees have the option of designing new products specifically to incorporate the technology or to combine the technology through a “retro fit lid”, custom made for the client’s existing products. Whatever the client’s requirements, the Maglid Design team is available to provide solutions.


We can help from concept to finished product

As an alternative to Licensing the Maglid patented technology, clients have the option of allowing Maglid to manufacture products for them applying the technology. Maglid has partnered up with a number of manufacturers, who have passed stringent audit requirements covering different areas including ethical and environmental issues as well as workers’ rights, process and final product quality.

The pre-approved manufacturers are able to produce to the clients’ specifications products integrating the Maglid technology regardless of the materials required.

Clients’ product specifications can be provided directly by the Client or, if preferred, Maglid’s internal Design team will produce product renderings which will be approved by the Client approval before manufacturing begins.

Additionally, Maglid will soon be launching a range of “own brand” products, designed and manufactured in-house by the Maglid team.